United GECC

Only minutes away from Verdun commercial area and Raouche. Elevated magnificently 2 blocks, 14 & 7 floors tall, in Uneso Area. United Gecc, developed by General Engineering and Contracting Company, entails comfort, sophistication and elegance. Spaces in these luxuriant simplexes are 320 m2 in block A and 240 m2 in block B, and enjoy 2 parking spots and 1 storage room per each.


  • 2 parking spots per apartment.
  • Spacious storage room.
  • Artesian wall.
  • Building structure designed in compliance with international code of practice for earthquake resistance.


1- Block work 

  • External, double walls of 15cm and 10 cm thickness with 5cm void in between.

2- Waterproofing

  • All roofs and Parking Areas are waterproofed by SBS modified membrane
  • A protective coating for all facades.

3- Cladding 

  • High quality natural stones mechanically fixed for walls.
  • Aluminum Composite panels and Aluminum Louvers.

4- Curtain walls 

  • Manufacturers design VISTA WALL.

5- External Aluminum Doors & Windows 

  • Aluminum VISTA WALL
  • Double Glazing (6mm-8mm-6mm)
  • Aluminum rolling shutters electrically motorized by SOMFY or equivalent

6- Flooring 

  • Parking area: screed & epoxy.
  • Technical area: ceramic tiles UNICERAMIC or equivalent.
  • Roof area: MOSAIC concrete tiles.

7- Lifts / Elevators 

  • 2 High speed passenger Elevators for each block  MITSUBISHI.


1- Air conditioning 

  • LG VRV System OR equivalent high efficiency air cooled cooling heating unit  [CLIMATIC CONTROL].

2- Hot Water 

  • Storage hot water tank.

3- Plumbing 

  • Polypropylene inside the apartments.
  • UPVC pipes to European standards for sewage and drainage.

4- Electrical 

  • European electrical wiring accessories: VIMAR IDEA or equivalent.
  • Emergency exit lighting in staircases and all common areas.
  • Generators running in parallel supplying full emergency:  PERKINS, or equivalent.
  • Wires and cables, Cables du Liban or equivalent
  • Electrical panel boards equipped with earth-leakage protection according: GENERAL ELECTRICMERLIN GERIN or equivalent.
  • Earthing system for all equipment and socket outlets.
  • Videophone entry control system: PANASONIC or equivalent.
  • Lightening protection system:  PARAFOUDRE AND PARATONER.
  • Fire alarm detection in common areas.
  • Collective antenna TV system for local: PHILIPS, or equivalent.
  • CCTV monitoring system:  SIEMENS or equivalent
  • Electrical parking door with remote control.


1- Waterproofing 

  • All water Areas are treated with special rubber paint. 

2- Tiling / Floors 

  • Reception area: Marble 60x60cm, 2cm thickness CRÈME MARFILLE or equivalent.
  • Kitchen area: European ceramic tiles OR EQUIVELANT.
  • Bedrooms: European ceramic tiles OR EQUIVELANT..
  • Reception balconies: 60x60cm marble, 2cm thickness CRÈME MARFILLE or equivalent.
  • Bathrooms: First choice European ceramics for all bathrooms.
  • Maid Bathroom: Local ceramic tiles.

3- Painting 

  • 3 coats of putty & 3 coats of paint, TINOL.

4- Interior ceiling 

  • Moisture proof gypsum boards in living areas, entrance, corridors & kitchen area. Decorative cornices for living areas. (knauff or lafarche)

5- Wood works 

  • Indoor Doors:
    Solid oak.

7- Sanitary fixtures and Wares 

  • Sanitary Fixtures: GROHE or equivalent.
  • Sanitary Wares: Wall hung TOTO or equivalent.