Mazraa 1622

Mazraa 1622 is located in a prime location in Mousatbey, facing Mazen's Pharmacy in Mazraa. It consists of two blocks: Block A and Block B.

Specifications for Mousatbey 1622


  • BLOCK A & BLOCK B each has 14 Apartments of 200m*2 area, distributed into 13 Floors and one Duplex.
  • 3-level Underground Basements divided for Storage area (SOLD) and Parking (2 levels).
  • 2 parking spaces per apartment.
  • Landscaping for Ground floor with topCrete.
  • Adequate water storage.
  • Fire alarm system and prevention.
  • Automatic rolling shutter and  barrier.
  • Building structure designed in compliance with international code of practice for earthquake resistance.


1- Block work

  • External, double walls of 10 cm thickness for the outer wall, 10cm thickness for the inner wall with 10 cm void in between. Noting that the outer wall is a vertical reinforced concrete element.

2-Plaster work

  • Plaster dabs for all apartment, Right angle and Arbasa for Reception.

3- Waterproofing

  • Membrane 4mm SBS 180g polyester for Roof Slabs and Exposed Ground Floor surfaces.
  • Polyurethane Emulsion paint for All Wet Areas.
  • Bitumen Based Emulsion paint for all Exposed facades prior of Cladding Works.

4- Cladding

  • High quality natural stones, Cut to size and According to Architectural Requirements and mechanically fixed to walls by mean of Galvanized Anchors.

5- External Aluminum Doors & Windows

  • Aluminum (To be chosen).
  • Double Glazing (6mm-8mm-6mm or As per design requirement).
  • Aluminum rolling shutters electrically motorized by Somfy Motors  or  Equivelant.

6- Flooring

  • Parking area:  Epoxy for parking space & screed for parking ramp slopes.
  • Technical area: ceramic tiles UNICERAMIC or  Equivelant.
  • Roof area: removable concrete tiles. (Mozaic)

7- Lifts / Elevators

  • 2 passenger Elevators   Mitsulift or Equivalent  for Block A.
  • 2 passenger Elevator .  Mitsulift or Equivalent  for Block A.


1- Air conditioning

  • Centralized Ducted Airconditioning System for All Living areas (DX type System).
  • Ventilation System for Basements.

2- Hot Water

  • Storage hot water generator: locally manufactured “chehab” 3mm thickness, insulated, ceramic from inside .

3- Plumbing

  • Polypropylene inside the apartments.
  • UPVC pipes to European standards for sewage and drainage.

4- Electrical

  • European electrical wiring accessories: Vimar plana or  Equivelant.
  • One Generators : Perkins or Equivelant.
  • Electrical panel boards equipped with earth-leakage protection.
  • Earthing system for all equipment and socket outlets.
  • Videophone entry control system: ELVOX or  Equivelant.
  • Fire alarm detection in common areas: NOTIFIER or  Equivelant.
  • Electrical parking door with remote control, BPT or  Equivelant.


1- Tiling / Floors

  • Reception area: Marble, Botoccino or Equivelant.
  • Kitchen area: Ceramic tiles.
  • Bedrooms: Graisse Ceramic tile.
  • Bathrooms: High quality ceramics rectified.
  • Maid Bathroom: Local ceramic tiles.
  • Stairs: Granite.

3- Painting

  • 2 coats of putty & 3 coats of paint ( Tinol or Sipes) for Receptions.
  • 2 coats of putty & 3 coats of paint ( Tinol or Sipes) for Bedrooms.

4- Interior ceiling

  • Decorative cornices for Kitchens and Bed room
  • Gypsum False Ceiling for corridors

5- Wood works

  • Doors:
    Solid OAK wood for main entrance and reception doors. Veneered oak wood for secondary Doors.

6- Kitchen cabinets

  • Hydrofuge white color for inner side covered with lacquered veneered wood (French oak or Fraquet or nut color), covered with corean topping or Granite

7- Sanitary fixtures and Wares

  • Sanitary Fixtures: IDEAl standard or  Equivelant.
  • Sanitary Wares: Wall hang (Dolomitee) or  Equivelant.