Royal Homes

ROYAL HOMES is a luxurious residential complex, composed of two buildings in exceptional architectural setting. Two types of apartments are offered: one of 370 square meters, the other 260 square meters.

    Beautifully situated 10 minutes away from Beirut's central district. ROYAL HOMES is located on Farid Trad avenue in Ramlct-el Baida in an environment notorious for its prestigious buildings and its quiet-ness notwithstanding its proximity to the major city poles of attraction.

    ROYAL HOMES takes advantage of the exceptional zoning of the region. This zoning requires sever set-backs between adjacent buildings. ROYAL HOMES is surrounded by 500 square meters of open space which will be used as gardens, promenades, and play areas. Additionally, the complex benefits from a superb view of the sea as well as a quasi permanent sun exposure.

ROYAL HOMES will offer you high quality construction:

• Interior and exterior finishes of imported superior grade marble.

• Thermal and sound insulated double glazing.

• Individual Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning system for best climate control.

• Sophisticated tire protection system for common areas.

• Storage areas and stall rooms in the first basement with private kitchens and bathrooms.

• Private parking with remote controlled access.

• Electrical generators for permanent power supply.

• Running water will be provided by a well system with a sophisticated filtration system.

• Supervised construction conforming to European Standards.