Our Mission

Our mission is to be a leader provider of quality professional services in the construction industry and deliver outstanding value to each customer we serve. We practice core values in our work, giving our customers an experience of trust, honesty and integrity.

Our Profile

With over <?php echo date("Y")-1979;?> years of experience, G.E.C.C's construction has developed a reputation of offering outstanding service and high-quality workmanship, while achieving strong customer satisfaction. A company based on strong values, hard work and integrity, G.E.C.C's construction continues to move ahead without compromise. All aspects of construction are covered including, leisure, office and residential. Refurbishment work is completed to the same high standard as new build. We believe that on-time delivery of the highest quality projects for the best value is only part of the equation In G.E.C.C. you will see the process at work, the power of building. In nearly every case G.E.C.C. started work on the project well before groundbreaking, providing valuable information on concept, development, budgeting, cost analysis, site work and preparation We are forward thinking company with a solid background of proven performance and experience. We turn bricks and mortar into realized vision.

Our History

As Chief Executive Officer of G.EC.C. Construction, Nazih N. Hilal has over <?php echo date("Y")-1970;?> years of experience in general contracting construction management, and real estate development. He founded the firm in 1970. Studied civil engineer at E.S.I.B. and started his career as structural engineer and project coordinator in different project, he has worked on about a hundred structures of almost every type and description during his career. He has been involved with the construction of residential buildings, furnished apartments and hotels as well as palaces, office building and entertainment and sports facilities. His wide range of experience on projects of all sizes and types has provided Hilal with an extremely broad understanding of construction Techniques and practices His responsibilities include providing the leadership and resources to allow our project teams to deliver solutions to meet the needs of the Owner and design team to achieve the project goals without compromising the design integrity . G.E.C.C. was classified by the Lebanese government as the first category Construction Company, since 1983. G.E.C.C. continue to be an owned managed business and as such is able to make decisions swiftly, be project focused whilst remaining competitive and providing total satisfaction.

Our Staff

Taking the company forward is an experienced and strong management team led by Eng. Nazih Hilal, Chairman and managing director. The skilled team at G.E.C.C. includes a large talent pool of civil engineers, Project Managers, Development Manager, Quantity Surveyors, Health and Safety Managers. Combined with independent partner structural engineers and architects it provides the capability of excellent construction and design advice enabling affordable price to our clients. The project team at G.E.C.C. construction thrives on challenging projects of unique character, offering a full range of preconstruction and construction services. With its proven track record and dedication to excellence, G.E.C.C. construction supports every project – from large, complex projects to smaller scale buildings-with outstanding leadership and commitment.

Sub Contractors

Selective lists of specialists sub-contractors are utilized. All have proven their ability of delivering contracts to the high standards that G.E.C.C. expects. New subcontractors are added to this list only if they meet specific criteria and prove their capability. The friendly, firm but fair minded approach with subcontractors is paying dividends as a high standard of work is obtained with first class service levels and specialist design input as requires.

Our Vision

We believe the foundation of our success lies in a commitment to understanding and meeting our clients' requirements for safety, on-time delivery and value-for-money. We are forward thinking company with a solid background of proven performance and experience. We turn bricks and mortar into vision realized.